Monday, December 17, 2007

Pinewood - Western

About the Book - Pinewood.

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Tom McAskill is searching. A Texas Ranger three times over, he has managed to put aside a little bit of money, but can’t seem to find the place to settle that will give him peace.
Since his wife Jessica and newborn son died, he has been roaming the plains of Texas.

Unsure whether he will ever settle, he trots into a little town called Pinewood, oblivious of the fact that all hell is about to break loose and that he’ll need all his trail experience to survive.
An honest and hard working man, taught at an early age to fight for justice, he finds himself pitted against ruthless adversaries that have no qualms to kill, maim or shoot a man in the back.
He courageously takes on the challenge in a bid to protect not only his own life, but that of the whole town.
A superb story of courage, justice and love that keeps you on the edge of your seat while trying to weed out the bad from the good.

About The Author

Colin Immelman is a South African born author, currently living in Port Elizabeth. A man that is very familiar with violence and law enforcement, he worked as a policeman for twenty three years, including almost a decade at a murder and robbery unit. In this book he has combined his experience with his passion for reading.

He has been a passionate reader since he could first work out the alphabet. Throughout his career he has used his very strong sense of justice to maintain law and order and solve crime. This sense of justice and honesty is evident in his writing and his personal life.

His versatility becomes obvious in the fact that as strong as his westerns are, his children’s stories are gentle. His wife, Yolande has recently given birth to a baby boy and he takes great joy in his family. He is currently involved in various other writing projects.

Free Preview to Pinewood.

When Mason regained consciousness he rather wished that he hadn’t or that he was dead. Everything was in a haze of terrible, insurmountable and intense pain. He tried to look around, only the whole wide world seemed to have been split wide open and turned upside down. His left eye could barely open to a slit and seemed to be an extension of his body, the other swollen shut and his neck stiff and sore. His head felt thick and heavy and his body as if it had been lit up in a barn fire. Through the fog of his agony he deliriously considered that he might be dead and was in hell. The concept of judgment and death was new to him as he had never before given either a great deal of thought. He’d been raised as decent as the next man, but evil was always prevalent and he’d never paid much mind to anything that didn’t satisfy his personal gain.
As a young man he’d had the reputation amongst his family and peers of being possessed with a temper as short as a used up match and at sixteen he’d killed his first man. After the first one, and the realization of how easy it was, he’d adopted a violent way of life. Predisposed with an uncommonly natural talent at handling firearms of any kind, he’d used his specialty of pistol shooting to become a gunfighter and outlaw, always scheming, conniving and manipulating. He was wise though and never put himself in the eyes, but preferred to play life like a game, instigating and creating vicious prairie wars amongst folk that had been right neighborly before his appearance. That was how he had escaped the rope, nobody knew him as the real culprit and there wasn’t a damn thing that could ever be proved against him, because, when trouble started, he was on a fast horse, lighting a shuck, and when the dust settled, he had long since vanished. He was a born leader with not one iota of respect for human life. All these traits he combined and chose to use for every wrong reason there was in the world.

When he came to Pinewood, he was new in the state of Texas and crimes left behind in other states were unknown to the local folk. He’d already made a bundle from stealing and robbing, making him a wealthy man by ill gotten gains. His aim now was power, so he started out at being the banker, under the pseudonym, Orvil James Goodes.
When he first met Laura, he liked her, wanted her, maybe even fell in love with her, although he wasn’t at all sure he knew what love meant. He was a man always got what he wanted and not the kind of man took kindly to chasing women around like a puppy dog and he planned to do things the right way, wanting her to come to him instead of the other way around. In his twisted mind he was set to believing that money and status were as important to others as it was to him and was totally incapable of grasping the concept that for some these things didn’t matter.
Then he met Parks and they started having themselves a little communication over a drink once or twice. From experience, he knew instinctively that Parks was a born follower, and given time and the right guidance, he could convince Parks to get involved in rustling cattle. He’d promised Parks a large percentage of the money made from this venture, and Parks, being the fool he was, fell for it.
He led Parks to believe that Henderson, a hustler and shyster as mean as they come, from Porterville, was the organizer of the thefts, and Henderson indeed provided a few good men to do most of the rustling. Some of them even took over when some of Parks’ hands were not overly anxious to get involved. Neatly planned, he made Henderson appear as the low-down dirty dog which appeared perfectly plausible, when in reality he was just another scapegoat.
Had things run a foul, folks would have gone after Henderson, giving Mason time enough to steal the money in the bank and straddle a fast horse with his ill-gotten gains.
Parks owned the ranch furthest south, serving for all practical purposes as a gate to Mexico, allowing Parks to transport the young stuff, rustled from other ranches to go through his ranch to Mason’s contact on the border to Mexico.


Available at, Author House or your nearest bookstore, just quote the following number: - ISBN number: 978-1-4343-3178-6 (sc)and order, or contact me at 083 276 8643 or 041 368 3654 (South Africa) 27 dialing code in front of numbers.