Monday, June 23, 2008

Gun free South Africa

Gun Free South Africa?

Written by Colin Immelman
Gun free South Africa? Proudly South African?
Both a pain in the behind…
What do you think’s for you and I in line?
Take a look up to the Norther?
Isn’t that ample lesson to us south of the border?
Those people, unarmed and vulnerable, lost all their possession,
Unable to defend themselves against a dictator, even if not by self confession.
But we know better,
It says so in every news item and letter.
Taking away property from lawful owner and farmer,
Causing pain, sorrow, poverty and hunger!
Will we ever be rid in our country, of all the illegal guns?
No way old chums.
We’re in for anything but peace,
Into the country they are brought without cease.
Pistols, revolvers and assault rifles, with ammunition enough,
To kill those who fall for their bluff.
Guns get stolen from those who are careless,
And then is used against those who are clueless.
So how will you defend yourself?
Or your kids and your spouse?
I know what you think, “Yes, but guns kill people!”
So? Are you going to stop and park your vehicle?
For more people get killed in road accidents, did you know?
By reckless people that drive like they have something to show.
Or by those who blatantly disregard the traffic laws,
By driving vehicles with major flaws.
Too late I am sure to reconsider,
But you give it a careful thought there Mister!

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