Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Written by Colin Immelman.
Proudly South African?
You must be jokin’!
You tell me, how can anyone be proud of savages, who kill babies,
Who rape and maim innocent ladies?

A government that hides the true,
Keeping accurate facts from me and you.
Old or young, female or male,
Crime hits us all with a gale.

Power cuts, fuel shortages, strikes, unemployment and high inflation?
How can you be proud of such a nation?
You tell me……
Are you as proud as can be?

Arsons, killings, robberies and hi – jacking,
Don’t you for one moment think that discipline is seriously lacking?
Teachers fear for their lives, kids rule the schools with knives,
Some with sticks and stones, other with bad attitudes and firearms,
What do you suppose is the reason for their qualms?

Kids are not to be disciplined by their parents, for they’d be liable,
The parents that is, so what happened to the laws of the Bible?
The Good Book teaches us the “Ten Commandments”,
But we are forced to give heed to a corrupt government’s,
Rules, regulations and laws,
But it is plain to see there are major flaws.

Farmers who supply old and young with meat and grain,
They are, without reason I might add, shot and slain.
The standard of many a service has dropped,
Mainly to accommodate the slob!

Now you tell me my proud friend,
Can you be proud of this trend?
Of course, it is your constitutional right to be,
But rather leave me out of that melee,
As I have the brains and logic to see,
That the future of this country, in its feeble arms, holds disaster and a trying time,
What with no electricity, shortage of fuel, brewing anarchy and ample crime!
You keep on being proudly South African my trusting friend,
For your only chance of survival, will be to keep up with this trend!